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The Pond Nerds of Long Island NY are no stranger to the beauty and intricacy of a pondless waterfall. A pondless waterfall is exactly as it sounds: a recirculating body of water in the form of a waterfall and/or stream without the presence of a pond. A hidden modular basin is installed for water storage instead of an ecosystem pond. There are many reasons why installing a pondless waterfall may be your best option.

Safety – Although most ecosystem ponds do not exceed a depth of 3 feet, there may still be a concern with young children. The pondless waterfall eliminates any of the worry associated with a body of water. 

Space – Pondless waterfalls take up a much smaller footprint by nature. This is a great option to maximize the usage of a smaller space constraint.

Maintenance – Pondless waterfalls are by far less involved than an ecosystem pond from a maintenance standpoint. A pondless waterfall coupled with an Aquascape dosing system and/or Aquascape Iongen G2 is a much easier system to maintain.